Ashutosh Dubey

Ashutosh Dubey, a writer hadbeen once deeply involved in the politics of J&K. The ugly face of politicsthat Ashutosh Dubey witnessed during his political career inspired him to workindependently on social & political issues across the country. He also hasserved RSS as Bal Swayam Sewak, but later distanced himself. After breaking upwith RSS, he worked with many social organizations & dailies like VirPratap, J&K Patrika, Vishva Manav & Jansandesh as a journalist. Dubey,who played his political innings with parties like Janata Party, Janata Dal,Congress & National Conference asserts that he doesn’t claim of arevolution, but he firmly believes that things can be changed if we workseriously on different social issues & continue with independent writings.He has been thinking about the solutions to the problems of J&K since hischildhood. His knowledge about J&K is sourced from his discussions with theADC of the last Maharaja, veteran officials of the Dogra Army & reliablefaces of J&K politics of that time. He has also studied deeply aboutJ&K.

Books Published

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