Ayan Shome

Ayan Shome was born in Kolkata,West Bengal on 15th October 1981 and then moved to Nairobi in1990. He studied in Cavina Schoolat the Primary level and studied in Nairobi Academy for his Secondaryeducation. In 2000 he traveled to London andcompleted his Bachelor's degree from the School of Orientaland African Studies in June 2003 in Economics and Politics. He returned to theSchool of Oriental and African Studies in 2004, and earned an M.A Degree inAsian/African History in 2005 and then continued and earned his Phd in 2011 inIndian History.

His interest in Indian History inparticular in Medieval Indian History, started during his teenage years.

He currently lives in London, and is working inthe Paper Industry and on further research in different topics.

His hobbies include songwriting,creative writing and Cricket.

Books Published

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