Dr Gautam Chattopadhyay

Dr Gautam Chattopadhyay (b.1958) is a  Researcher,  Historian, Writer, Idea man, filmmaker and Motivator.  Over three decades he has been writing in national and international media and scripted  over 200 documentaries and written 18 pioneering books on culture, history, spiritualism, motivational books etc.  He is also Member of Honour in the Argentina Religion of Parliament.  Being a quill driver he has been encountering people from all strata and has learnt the lessons of life from various dynamic stand points and experiences.  All these went towards scripting Positive Mantra.  Hindustan Times writes ‘the book (Positive Mantra) allows a re-think for those who are at the crossroads of life.  It not only allows a self-talk for drawing inner inspiration, but also to fathom one’s hidden talents’.

Books Published

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