Jhilmil Twinkles

About the Book
She wanted revenge but she got love instead…….
Kaira was a hopeful, perky 12yrs old Daddy’s lil girl.! But just before her 13th b’day her dad was killed by Seattle King Dylan Alaistar. So, kaira puts on her revenge shoes and swears to take down the Seattle King .  But DESTINY  has some other plans.

After 9yrs , suddenly there’s an unexpected knock in kaira’s life and enters –JESSE PARKER, a rich enigmatic business tycoon. He replaces kaira’s bad memories with happy ones and fills the void in her heart, she had after her dad died. He heals her wounds and she comforts his fears. 
Just when kaira’s life is turning into a bliss, in comes Jesse’s dark secret .! a secret that  ruins their relationship, that ruins kaira’s life. Now, its for kaira to decide if she wants love in her life or revenge. Because there is place for only one and she has got only one shot at happiness.!!!
What its going to be – her father’s revenge /  true love ??   

About the Author
Jhilmil Twinkles  is the pen name for Manya Upadhyay. ‘Where Our Destiny Meets’ is her first novel. She was born on 23rd may , 1998. She is a voracious reader and is a die - hard fan of FRIENDS (tv show). Her favorite novels include- fifty shades of grey, pride and prejudice, PS I love you and fault in our stars.
You  can e-mail her at- jhilmiltwinkles@gmail.com  or
Send her your views on facebook - Jhilmil twinkles 
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Books Published

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