Kritika Prasad

Kritika was born in Patiala, Punjab on 7th January, 1989. Like most writers she had a keen interest in books. She finished schooling in 2007 and graduated as a computer engineer in 2011 from Pune University. Her passion for books drove her to writing poetry during her college years. She worked as a customer service executive in British Council, New Delhi for approximately 2 years. After completing her online certificate course in “Getting started in Creative Writing” from Oxford University she decided it was time to reach for her dreams. 

The Purple Notebook is Kritika’s first published book. It is a collection of poems observed in the behavior of various people including the author’s family and absorbing the variety of emotions offered. Incidents and events vary but each poem is an expression of a sentiment. You are encouraged to find the one that resonates most with you.

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