Navkesh Singh

Colonel Navkesh Singh is a Bengal Sapper who learnt his golf while at the NDA, Kharakvasla. A single digit handicapper, he was first honoured  by a Blue from NDA, then the Colours of the Corps of Engineers from CME, Pune and finally a Cravat from The Defence Services Staff College at Wellington.

Having travelled through the length and breadth of the country, he has  45 years of experience on  golf courses located between the snow capped Himalayas in the North to the mist covered valleys of the Nilgiris in the South. After hanging his spurs, he has spent almost 6 years at the prestigious Chandigarh Golf Club as its Course Manager.

He has been trained by Neil Gardener of Australasian Golf and guided by Nic Davies and David Hemstock, and finally the eminent turf scientist Dr Micah Woods through numerous R&A/IGU sponsored Green Keepers Workshops cum Seminars.

He has hands on experience in handling all types of imported machinery and operating assorted irrigation systems like the Jain by Hunter and Rain Bird.

He has reconstructed almost 40% of the greens at the CGC to USGA specifications and has acquired vast experience in cultural practices and agronomy. He shares his valuable experiences via well illustrated and simple text in this book.

The maintenance and upkeep of a golf course stretching over a hundred acres of beautiful country side is indeed a satisfying experience. In this book, he has tried to bring out the problems one is likely to encounter across any course, especially in Northern India and also  suggested  practical ways of overcoming the same in order to provide a golfing surface that will fulfill a golf architect’s vision of the course and reward a golfer for his skill in the game.

The book is  exhaustive and is primarily meant for the layman who is thrust with the responsibility of managing a golf course.

It would be of immense use to persons entrusted with the task of maintaining and running the course. It is also of considerable knowledge to others involved in various committees entrusted with assorted tasks.

His long practical experience and lessons he has  have learnt during his work on various golf courses  has motivated him into sharing his experiences with others so that it may benefit those who find themselves in a similar boat. He hopes this book will benefit future course managers and golf course management committees to better understand the nuances of course upkeep.

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