Nishtha Gehija

Nishtha Gehija is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is currently placed in a corporate in New Delhi, India. Being relentlessly committed to self education and professional development, she is now consistently heading for the task of making the world better and stronger, one step at a time. The author is very simple yet effective in the expression and execution of her ideas, which make her a standout.

About the Book

“This Is What You Are Looking For” is a self-help inspiration book that divides the readers’ journey into four parts: Awareness, Action, Reflection, and Being and Living. Being packed with transformative ideas, the raw, yet structured book provokes the reader to think deeply and make their lives and every other life they touch, a splendid story that emerges and evolves itself on this never-ending path of success and excellence called life.        

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Books Published

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