Pramod Saxena

Pramod Saxena is been associated with Information Technology Industry since 1995, it was a great transition not only for people like me who were part of computer industry even the nation was undergoing a transition then. We were part of this first batch of Oracle trainings, so were lot in demand also one of the first implementers of COM DCOM programming and also from the initial team implementing Siebel CRM in India. Sailed with the demand and lucrative wave, who always believed "rolling stones gathered more mass", so got an opportunity to work with the best organizations in this industry. Its been solid 9 years since had been managing projects. I had my own best practices of managing projects, the outcome always had been the best to the best of my knowledge. So I thought of sharing "my way" with you through this book, "A Recipe Book For....Practical Project Management".

Books Published

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