Roji Abraham

About the Book

Think about a unique person from your youth who you thought you always knew but who turned out later to be very different from what you expected.
Think about those different but interesting people who you came across from time to time.
Think about the connections you made with many of them, maybe for just for a fleeting moment. 
Think about those stories that you told for years thereafter about them. 
Think about how those stories entertained people around you and made them smile, laugh or even cry. 
Kaleidoscopic Lives is a book which brings you those stories - stories of common people who you can relate to and the little anecdotes from their lives. 
The story of the village thief and his transformation, the story of the enthusiastic waiter boy and the unlikely friendship he forges and the story of the eccentric 53 year old are all part of this ensemble collection that will transport you through the lives of such people in a small but memorable ride. 

About the Author

Roji Abraham is a Bangalore based author, blogger and a music enthusiast.  He is an M.B.A graduate from Warwick Business School, UK and works for a leading Information Technology Organisation from India. 
You can follow him on Twitter: @RojiAbraham1 

Books Published

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