Dr. Veena Bharathi

Dr.Veena Bharathi has got the unique distinction of being a medical doctor and a bilingual writer (English and Kannada) of repute. For over two decades, she has been profiling people who have strived for humanitarian causes. Her article on flight purser Neerja Bhanot (who gave up her life to save hundreds of hijacked passengers of the Pan-Am flight in - 1986) has been soul-stirring and very touchy. Dr.Veena Bharathi was also the first lady house surgeon who worked for our Tribal hospital at B.R.Hills during 1985. She has to her credit nearly 300 articles published in"Deccan Herald”  “Times of India" and  "The Week ". I hope the current online-publication and hard copy print 'on-demand' by Quills' Publishers, containing life-stories of various persons from different fields, written by Dr.Veena Bharathi would inspire the younger generation to emulate the path chosen by these personalities.    

Books Published

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