Avirook Upmanyu

Avirook Upmanyu is currently a Class 12 student in Sanskriti School, New Delhi, studying in the science stream with a subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Economics and English.  He wishes to pursue Economics for further studies after giving his board examinations in 2015. 

A die hard Arsenal Football Club supporter, Avirook is an avid reader and also likes to take part in debates on topics ranging from Domestic Politics to International Affairs. He also maintains an active blog titled ‘Strokes of Life’ and enjoys writing on sporting events and politics as a hobby. 

Writing began as a past time for Avirook in the seventh grade, however his talent for weaving intricate plots and stories was evident to his parents at a very young age. He began writing this book in the summer of 2011.

He currently lives in Gurgaon. 

Books Published

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