Dr Dilip Bhattacharjee

The story on clairvoyance of a pair of finches concerns a village boy to be both creative and destructive in life. Mahesh, an ambitious boy passing through many hurdles and deflection from main path of life, finally becomes a cardiologist. Then he moves to America with an intention to be a super specialist in cardiology and to do exemplary research. His discovery to cure heart ailments in collaboration with an American molecular biologist, Dr. Rihanna originating from a tiny middle-east country of terrorists, whom he met incidentally in a social gathering, makes a sensation throughout world. Their further research project to eradicate influenza epidemic from world accidentally resulted into a biological weapon of mass killing. Dr. Mahesh and Dr. Rihanna‚Äôs romantic mission for testing the weapon over middle-east successfully materialized. But both of them were finally packed off by American military to a torturous prison in a remote American island. By dint of shear ingenious scientific tricks, the couple arrived to take safe shelter in an opponent country. They initiated behind the scene thereafter a peace treaty to be signed by two opponent countries via media of a non-aligned country. Thereafter their romantic life successfully bloomed into a fruit. Strict secrecy is maintained about the nitty-gritty of their creative and destructive research discoveries. And to be conversant with the fictional secrets and about the life of scientist-couple, one has to explore through details given in the book. 

Books Published

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